Anything is Capable With A Growth Mindset

Teaching students to have a “Growth Mindset” will not only help them in their academic career, but it will also assist them in life. Being able to measure individual growth from experiences is something would benefit not just students. If we teach the 4 steps process and Carol Dweck’s framework we will prepare our students for the real world. This relates to me because I am a high school teacher and many of my students are already in the work force. Adopting a “Growth Mindset” will help them see their progress day by day.

When and How Often Will I Promote A Growth Mindset

I will make sure I am utilizing the proper vocabulary in my classroom to encourage growth. I will also continue to create E-portfolios with my students. As a life-long learner, I think that is important that we share our individual growth in the classroom. I am constantly learning and perfecting new concepts and ideas as an Educator and Student. I want my students to know how similar or journey is.

During this program I have been learning how to really utilize blogging, journaling, videoing and creating purposeful content. Eventually I want to be able to share this with my coworkers, as I have already been sharing my knowledge with my students.


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