E-portfolio’s and How They Can Promote Growth and Visible Learning

My goal is to incorporate E-portfolios in the classroom. This will be a beneficial resource for my high school students on my campus. Students will be able to use the E-Portfolios to monitor their growth and progress over time in all of their classes. The E-portfolios are easily accessible through computers, tablets or smartphones. This will hold students accountable and put them in charge of their learning. E-portfolios will help students gain a deeper understanding of learning and critical thinking skills. The E-portfolios are an innovative tool, because they help create a student-centered learning enviroment. It also  will keep students engaged and help teachers meet the students needs in real time. The evidence of learning is visible and students are able to access their accomplishments and assess the areas they need to improve in. E-portfolios allow teachers to gain a holistic view of  how students are learning over time in school, they also encourage communication, track performance, and they can use them as a tool for planning. 

I want to be able to incorporate E-portfolios into my classroom with the students that I will teach next year. With all of the new changes that are going on, having this time will allow me to analyze and perfect my vision. Although, I do plan on practicing the process with a few of my students that I keep for tutorials on certain days, with permission from parents of course.

The powerful word “Yet” will be utilized, because students will be able to track and view their growth and not just the “Grade” they recieved.


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