My Learning Manifesto

    I am completely invested in creating a comfortable, respectable, loving and engaging space for my students. I also want a student centered learning environment in my classroom. I want my classroom to be a place where my students and I will grow. I want us to be fearless and take chances when it comes to our learning. Together we can achieve our personal and planned goals by having a growth mindset. A growth mindset is what I am teaching my students to obtain. A growth mindset is being able to accomplish abilities by having perseverance, dedication and the willingness to work hard. I want my students and I to all adopt this mindset while we are learning in the classroom and in their own lives. I want to create an environment that encourages academic success. My students will flourish and become independent learners. I believe that every student can learn and have success in the classroom with hard work and diligence. Students will be able to create their own futures by being innovative in the classroom. I will try my best to make sure that the innovation practices are being utilized in my classroom daily. My students will also use technology to help promote their learning. I will use the COVA framework to transform and impact our learning environment. Being able to have choice, ownership, voice and authentic learning opportunities will help students to take charge of their own academic journey. My goal is to prepare them for their future, and instill them to have a mindset that there are “endless possibilities” when it comes to their future. There is no “glass ceiling” that will prohibit them from reaching their goals.

      I am passionate and dedicated about preparing my students for the “real world”. I want them to be academically prepared and not afraid to make mistakes during their growth process. I want them to recognize all of their small and large milestones, and appreciate all of their growth. I want my students to create E-portfolios which will help them measure their growth. E-portfolios will give them the opportunity to look and reflect on their progress.This will be beneficial to 

my students as they enter higher education.

      Digital learning will keep education innovative. We as educators have to keep up with technology as it changes rapidly. Utilizing technology in our classrooms will only help students become smarter, independent thinkers, collaborative, employable and reflective. We are able to analyze a student’s growth in the classroom with technology. We are also able to create and cater specific lesson plans that will benefit each individual student. It is time for all campuses to become as innovative as they can be in order to educate our students. Technology is continuing to expand nationwide and campuses are utilizing all aspects of technology. Although each campus wants to utilize technology and digital learning, sometimes it simply is not possible because of the lack of technology on many campuses. In order to learn and lead the resources need to be available, and they are not. Technology like computers speakers,Smart Boards/Promethean boards are necessary for digital learning to be successful. In order to have technology their needs to be proper funding in school districts. 

    While education is constantly changing there are some factors that just do not seem to go away. Funding is one of the major issues in the education system. There are so many schools that do not have the proper funding needed for their students to be successful.Schools that are underfunded are teaching students using dated textbooks, insufficient technology and old buildings. This is an issue because it is impossible to use digital learning on a campus that does not have resources. It also affects and limits student growth resulting in poor education.

    I am a firm believer of the success digital learning will have on not only the students, but the teachers as well. It is important to stay relevant and connected with new ideas and concepts. Digital learning is new and we are all learning how to navigate through more and more each day. As educators we have to stay informed and continue our own education as Digital learners. I want to make a difference on my campus by taking further steps to ensure that my students are prepared for college. My goal is to incorporate E-portfolios in the classroom. This will be a beneficial resource for my 10th graders, and other high school students on my campus. Students will be able to use the E-Portfolios to monitor their growth and progress over time in all of their classes. The E-portfolios are easily accessible through computers, tablets or smartphones. E- portfolios will also help students gain a deeper understanding of learning and critical thinking skills. The E-portfolios are an innovative tool, because they help create a student-centered learning environment. It also  keeps students engaged and helps teachers meet the students needs in real time. The evidence of learning is visible and students are able to access their accomplishments and assess the areas they need to improve in. E-portfolios allow teachers to gain a holistic view of  how students are learning over time in school, they also encourage communication, track performance, and they can use them as a tool for planning. I want to be able to incorporate E-portfolios into my classroom with the students that I will teach the upcoming year.


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