The Best Professional Learning Networks and PD Opportunities for Educators

The first learning network that I joined was KQED Teach. It is a Media Academy for educators. Teachers are also able to earn their PBS Literacy Educator Certification. This certificate will help showcase my media literacy teaching skills. The coursework includes 8 micro-credentials that I have  already been working through. KQED also has a Media Academy for Educators which teaches blogging, podcasting, video production and graphic and interactive media productions.The courses are designed to design and engage students through digital media.

Here is the link for the KQED Teach Learning Network if anyone is interested. They also have a Twitter you could easily join.


The second learning Network that I joined was ReadWriteThink. I use this learning network often as an ELA teacher. There are a plethora of lesson plans and English content. There are reflections, journals and fun activities to use for my students. The stories, articles and poems are engaging. ReadWriteThink also provides professional development opportunities and continuing education. I use ReadWriteThink atleast once a week for warm-up and exit tickets as well.

Here is the link if you are interested in learning more.


Other learning networks that I frequently use on the daily basis are Twitter and Pinterest. Which are quick and convenient to connect with other educators.

Mrs. Cooper’s Twitter

I also use Schoology. Schoology is GREAT! It allows me to effectively teach my F2F students and my virtual students. The coursework is easily accessible and easy to navigate. Our entire district uses Schoology which lets us collaborate and share thoughts and ideas. The students can complete their coursework and submit it on Schoology. I also have my students annotate the different texts using Kami. Which is the BEST learning tool I have ever used. Students can annotate straight from their computer without needing papers.


Being a part of the learning networks that I am a part of allows me to continue growing. There is always something new that I can learn from my colleagues and professional developments. In order to be effective, you have to keep educating yourself. I share my lesson plans and activities that worked well in my classroom with my colleagues all the time. As a 5th year teacher, I am still learning and developing, but I believe that I have fresh and innovative ideas that are extremely engaging. Staying connected and sharing ideas is also useful, because it helps grow relationships between colleagues and staff. It is important to build connections with people who have the same goals and interests as you. At the end of the day we all want to see our Students win, and in order to do that we have to be our “best” selves. I will always have the desire to learn, because it benefits not only myself, but everyone around me.


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