The Importance of a Growth Mindset

Staying innovative and creative is one of the most important things that we can do as Educators. This involves being able to have a Growth Mindset. In a “Growth Mindset” a person’s success and talents are cultivated through perseverance and hard work. Having natural talent and intelligence is only the starting point for people who have a “Growth Mindset”. This mindset allows people to appreciate each milestone they reach while learning new things. People with a “Growth mindset” are life-long learners who can become anything they desire with effort and drive.

Encouraging students to have more of a “Growth Mindset” is what I have been trying to instill in them this year. Carol Dweck explains the importance of educators changing their word choice and how significant the word “yet” is. The word “Yet” means that they are progressing and improving over time. It lets students know that being successful will take time and hardwork. It wont always be an overnight process or immediate results. The example Dweck uses is how employers complain about their new generation employees and how they have to constantly be rewarded. 

Dweck states, “First of all, we can praise wisely, not praising intelligence or talent. That has failed. Don’t do that anymore. But praising the process that kids engage in: their effort, their strategies, their focus, their perseverance, their improvement. This process praise creates kids who are hardy and resilient.”

By using the word “Yet”  and “Not Yet” we will begin changing their mindset. This will make the feedback process positive because students will be rewarded over a period of time for their strategies, perseverance and endeavors. Students will hopefully begin focusing on their individual growth, rather than just getting an “A”.


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