Why use an Eportfolio

Since i’ve been in the DLL program I have done an extensive amount of research on the benefits of eportfolios. They are a huge part of my campus innovation plan. I want to bring eportfolios to our campus. Students on our campus would benefit from them, because they are goal driven, focused and dedicated to their learning. I work at a very unique high school campus/ We focus on graduating, job placements and college readiness. Eportfolios will allow my student to take accountability of their learning. We will also be able to measure our individual growth in my classroom. I also love the idea of having a more convenient method of personalizing my lesson plans, based on the student outcome. 

In the Reflection4Learning article I liked John Zubizaretta’s message on eportfolios. He states their purpose, ““to improve student learning by providing a structure for students to reflect systematically over time on the learning process and to develop the aptitudes, skills and habits that come from critical reflection.” These are critical skills that our students will benfit from developing. Being able to reflect and assess their own personal growth will help them in the future.

41 Benefits of an eportfolio was extremey informative for me. Since this is a part of my innovation plan,I am always seeking beneficial reasons for eportfolios. I will definetly bookmark this article. Some of the reasons that were listed were

 1.  Students that develop an  ePortfolio will see BENEFITS . . .  from the PROCESS.

  • They will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process
  • Learning will take on a new depth through the reflection process
  • Their self esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as they take control of their learning. 
  • They may develop their own goals for their learning. 
  • Assessment of their learning may become more student centered;  the learner is involved and authorized to make decisions about will be evaluated. 
  • They will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
  • They will learn and begin to practice  a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits

This explains why there is a need for eportfolios in the classroom and also outside the classroom. I like that the author brought out the importance of educators maintaining an eportfolio for themselves. This is what I am currently and will continue doing.


2 thoughts on “Why use an Eportfolio

  1. If these bullets are accomplished, you will be developing real thinkers/processors, not just information-filled vessels. Love it!


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