Connecting and Communicating DLL Ideas

While making my way through the DLL program I have been able to discover the benefits of utilizing technology to its fullest extent. One of the pros of being in this program while teaching in the classroom is having the option to practice what I have learned on my students during lessons. In my previous course I was able to create an innovation plan, which involved assisting my campus in creating Eportfolios for my students to increase their college readiness skills. In order to complete this task, I had to draft a plan and blueprint which would be mandatory in order to present my plan to my administrators.

My Implementation plan is located here

 E-Portfolios would benefit my campus, because they will help students take accountability and ownership of their education. Learners will also be able to build useful connections and participate in communicating more effectively. They are also used as evidence of learning. My Campus focuses heavily on graduations, careers and college readiness. Students and keeping and maintaining an Eportfolio will be very beneficial for their future.

While researching and reading articles, books and blogs about Eportfolios I have learned a wealth of information. I have learned about the importance of owning your own individual domain. When I introduce my students to their own Eportfolios I will ensure that they create them using their personal emails, and not their school email. I want them to have ownership of their work forever, even after they graduate. Very similar to how I want to keep updating and adding to my Eportfolio in the future. I believe this is a great asset to have, especially as Educational Technology becomes more innovative.

I will continue using and updating my Eportfolio to help me measure my own growth and hopefully increase the option for additional career opportunities. In the future I would love to educate staff and students on the effectiveness of this platform. Educational Technology and Digital Learning have grown on me since the Coronavirus Pandemic. I have always been very Savvy with technology, but my skills have increased because educational tech has become the new expectation at many campuses nationwide. Social distancing and virtual learning is the new norm, and because of this I have had to sharpen my skills even more. I have become pretty good at Ed. Tech and I want to continue my learning so that I can reach my career goals.


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