10 Benefits of an ePortfolio

The amount of research that I have done on the power of an ePortfolio has been extremely eye opening. I had the chance to read a very insightful article by Karen Barnstable.

I have attached the link as well. https://kbarnstable.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/41-benefits-of-an-eportfolio/

Barnstable categorized and explained a multitude of benefits that ePortfolio’s can have on student, staff and professionals in the Education field and even corporate companies. A few of the reasons that immediately stood out to me were:

  1. Students will develop their own personal goals for learning.
  2. Students’ learning will take on a new depth through the reflection process.
  3. Students will learn and begin to practice  a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits.
  4. Students will have have direction for career planning.
  5. Students will have a concrete way of showcasing strengths to teachers or  future employers.
  6. Students will have the opportunity to explore more fully who they are and what they know and can do.
  7. Employees will refresh their skills in documenting lifelong learning experiences.  This allows them to bring all of their learning to their daily job challenges.
  8. Employees will have a record of personal learning with documents that prove formal and informal learning.  This results in a definite boost of confidence.
  9. Employees will be able to “showcase” their best work and share examples easily and comfortably with each other.  A community of sharing ideas and best practices will be developed within the company.
  10. Employees will be able to demonstrate professional growth and show a commitment to continued learning.  They will have evidence for a requested transfer or promotion.

I really appreciated how Barnstable included the benefits that ePortfolio’s have on not only students, but also Employees in various fields. I personally would like to use my ePortfolio to record and measure my own growth as a young professional. I want my future employers to have access to my accomplishments and achievements over time.


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