Influencing Change

My Influencer Strategy

  • My innovation change strategy is to put all of my focus into becoming an effective leader so that I can successfully roll out my plan for eportfolios in the classroom. Effective leaders play a very significant role in the culture, success, and recognition of their school. I have been fortunate to have worked with some very positive and driven administrators. With these leadership skills, I will be able to execute my innovation plan. Being an effective leader will help me implement my innovation plan. I will need structure, tools and drive to create a positive learning environment where eportfolios are being utilized for student success.
  • I will measure my results by being reflective of the feedback that I receive from the administration and my colleagues. I am aware that collaboration is extremely important for people with leadership positions.  I will also measure how clearly I communicate and get my vision across. I will continue to drive instruction and collaboration through my Professional Developments. I will also request feedback. I will also review my student performance after assessments, assignments and discussions. I will measure my student’s and their improvement over time. I am dedicated to teaching them how to obtain and appreciate the beauty of having a growth mindset. I will also measure the results of my effectiveness by checking and monitoring my classroom culture. I want my students to be comfortable and feel safe in our environment. Especially while we are learning new concepts together as a whole.

Vital Behaviors

Harapnuik defined vital behaviors as “ repeatable high-leverage actions performed crucial moments that will lead to the results that you want.” Without creating and following vital behaviors the change that I am desiring will have a high possibility of not being successful. We have to change our behaviors and our attitude will follow. The Vital Behaviors that I will need to adopt in order to achieve my goals and bring change are:

  1. Prioritize and Plan
    • End procrastination
    • Check off my daily goal list
  2. Continuously build connections 
  3. Model and Lead
    • Model behaviors i want to see from colleagues and students
  4. Keep my vision and always remember my “Why”
  5. Keep an active goal sheet and updated calendar

Organizational Involvement

My major organizational influencers that will help me to elevate are administration, my English Team, teacher leaders, my mentor and our technology specialist. I believe these groups of people will buy into my vision and help me grow.

Influencer Strategy implementing the use Eportfolios on my campus by using leadership

Personal1. Introduce staff and colleagues to my vision. Show them a presentation on my “why”.
2. Explain to them the benefits of eportfolios and how they will increase college readiness for our students.
3. I will also request feedback from them.
1. I will hold professional developments and trainings on how to incorporate eportfolios in the classroom.
2. I will also host zoom meetings, workshops, and online trainings.
3. I will also have tutoring sessions where staff and students can seek assistance if needed.  
 Social1. Influence people who are affiliated with leadership and technology to take interest in my innovation plan.
2. Ensure that administration supports my plan and my vision.
3. Inspire students and colleagues on the “change” we can make if we work together.
4. Host socials, drop notes in their boxes, send emails and continue influencing by being a leader.
1. Hold online sessions
2. Host team meetings
3. Lead instructional videos on how to build eportfolios
4. Create presentations and videos that inform staff on how to utilize eportfolios in their classroom
5.Create blog posts
6. Always get feedback from others  
Structural1. Update my goal check list
2.Stay connected with my appraiser and let them know what my personal goals are
3. Continue to host team meetings and get responses from my colleagues
4. Keep visuals and vision boards to monitor my own personal progress.
1. Teachers will continue to utilize all technology that we use on the daily basis. For example, laptops, video cameras, Promethean boards, tablets and projectors.
2. Keep and maintain technology checklist in all classrooms
3.Parent permission slips for students to create eportfolios
4. Stay connected with the IT department

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