Self Differentiation and Transformation

Sometimes we have to create new paths and destinations.

The Beauty of Change

Change can be a difficult task, but it is very necessary. Change is important in life in all aspects. To become a better person sometimes we have to change some of our behaviors. Also, if we want our workplace, organization or business to become more efficient and innovative we have to apply change to them. Change can be executed by strategic planning and modifying certain things. This requires analyzing the things that are not working the best. Change also requires us to discover answers to tough questions. For example, we have to ask ourselves what and how?

Change is significant to me and my Innovation Plan and my Implementation Outline. Change is what I need to grow and execute my plan of eportfolios being used campus wide.  I have researched the benefits of eportfolios and I am fully aware that they will positively impact our staff and students. To make my innovation plan work we will have to change things in our organization. This can be done through training, a timeline, an outline, and collaboration. We also need to discuss vital behviors that need to be changed.

The Vital Behaviors that I will need to adopt in order to achieve my goals and bring change are:

  1. Prioritize and Plan
    • End procrastination
    • Check off my daily goal list
  2. Continuously build connections 
  3. Model and Lead
    • Model behaviors i want to see from colleagues and students
  4. Keep my vision and always remember my “Why”
  5. Keep an active goal sheet and updated calendar

Crucial Conversations will need to held. “Crucial Conversations are those tough, day-to-day interactions in which the stakes are high, people have conflicting views, and emotions run strong,” according to Patterson, Switzler, Grenny and McMillan. Although, crucial conversations are uncomfortable they are needed to make a transformation. I know you are probably thinking, “Why do I need these crucial conversations?” The answer is that you need these discussions and talks to move forward. A true conversation that requires sitting down and being face to face.

When starting with crucial conversations we have to remember the importance of dialogue and making sure that any task that we are involved in starts with our heart. Also make sure that we are giving mutual respect, mutual purpose, and an action plan. I know that I will be able to execute this mission by including my leadership skills as well. The 6 sources of influence has helped me to stay focused on my plan. In my Installing 4DX slideshow below you will understand the:

  1. 4 Disciplines of Execution
  2. 6 Sources of Influence
  3. 5 Stages of Change
  4. My Innovation Plan and “The Whirlwind”

I am on my way to becoming a self differentiated leader. Throughout my journey in the DLL program I have been reaching new heights. I have been actually sharing my skills and strengths with my campus. Being a fairly new teacher of six years, I have always felt less important at my work places. Most of my campuses have had the same teachers for over 20 years. I felt like my voice was not valued and people would not care what I said, but this is untrue. Lately, I have began throwing out ideas, concepts, and plan on the table during meetings. I have also been sharing my ideas with other content and grade level teachers. This has truly been helping me find my voice and niche. Other educators and administration have recently come to my classroom to compliment some of the work I am doing with my students. I have really been focused on making learning engaging and fun by using more educational technology. I will make a post that includes some of my lessons in the near future. To become a self differentiated leader I have to use my voice and have crucial conversations. I am realizing that all of these small components like my innovation plan, my “Why” statement, the 4DX plan, the influencer strategy and being able to have and hold crucial conversations will help me become a self differentiated. My personal goal is to become a leader who can successfully roll out any plan or initiative.


Patterson, K., Grenny, J., & Swizler, A. (2012). Crucial conversations: tools for talking when stakes are high. (2nd ed.).


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