The Importance of a Growth Mindset

Staying innovative and creative is one of the most important things that we can do as Educators. This involves being able to have a Growth Mindset. In a “Growth Mindset” a person’s success and talents are cultivated through perseverance and hard work. Having natural talent and intelligence is only the starting point for people whoContinue reading “The Importance of a Growth Mindset”

The Best Professional Learning Networks and PD Opportunities for Educators

The first learning network that I joined was KQED Teach. It is a Media Academy for educators. Teachers are also able to earn their PBS Literacy Educator Certification. This certificate will help showcase my media literacy teaching skills. The coursework includes 8 micro-credentials that I have  already been working through. KQED also has a MediaContinue reading “The Best Professional Learning Networks and PD Opportunities for Educators”

Anything is Capable With A Growth Mindset

Teaching students to have a “Growth Mindset” will not only help them in their academic career, but it will also assist them in life. Being able to measure individual growth from experiences is something would benefit not just students. If we teach the 4 steps process and Carol Dweck’s framework we will prepare our studentsContinue reading “Anything is Capable With A Growth Mindset”

E-portfolio’s and How They Can Promote Growth and Visible Learning

My goal is to incorporate E-portfolios in the classroom. This will be a beneficial resource for my high school students on my campus. Students will be able to use the E-Portfolios to monitor their growth and progress over time in all of their classes. The E-portfolios are easily accessible through computers, tablets or smartphones. ThisContinue reading “E-portfolio’s and How They Can Promote Growth and Visible Learning”

The Beauty of the Word “Yet”

The word “Yet” is very important in our growth process. It means that we are achieving growth, but our learning is not quite finished. Earlier this week I read Mindset by Carol Dweck. This book challenged a lot of my prior thoughts and teaching methods. I have been teaching for a little over 4 yearsContinue reading “The Beauty of the Word “Yet””