My name is Shannon Cooper and I am from Houston, Tx. I received my bachelors degree from Lamar University back in 2014. I am an English teacher in Cypress Fairbanks ISD.I am currently on journey, exploring all of the benefits of Virtual learning and technology, while studying for my Masters Degree. Everything has definitely been a true learning experience. I am wanting to learn more about E-portfolios and how to successfully bring them to my campus.

I have attached my resume below.

My Resume

Connecting and Communicating My Ideas

Professional Learning Strategy Components 5 Principles of Professional Development Principle 1: The duration of professional development must be significant and ongoing to allow time for teachers to learn a new strategy and grapple with the implementation problem. Before my presentation I am fully aware that I will need to research and prepare. Preparation is theContinue reading “Connecting and Communicating My Ideas”

Call to Action

What is the Story behind my Story? I want to create an effective method to present my new ideas and concepts to my colleagues. I am passionate about the growth of our campus and district. I am 100% sure Eportfolios can be used a growth tool. I want to present a Professional Learning that isContinue reading “Call to Action”

Professional Learning Plan Outline

“In terms of teachers’ self-reports of professional development features that increase their knowledge and lead to changes in their instructional practices.” (Guskey 2003) Professional development should be effective for all the learners in the room. Professional development works best when the facilitators are engaging, energetic, and meeting the needs of the people in the room.Continue reading “Professional Learning Plan Outline”

Leading Change

Teaching is a profession that has always and will always experience change. Although Change can be a difficult task it is necessary in order to grow and learn. Educators change and influence the minds of young people on the daily basis. They do this through measuring their growth and increasing their skills. If students needContinue reading “Leading Change”

Action Research Plan

   Gaining College and Career Readiness skills by utilizing Eportfolios ePortfolios are student-owned, dynamic digital workspaces wherein students can capture their learning and their ideas, access their collection of work, reflect on their learning, share it, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their learning and achievements. (1) I. Focus Topic of Action Research My action researchContinue reading “Action Research Plan”


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