Final Reflection

During my duration of the program I decided to spend my time focusing on the benefits of ePortfolios in my classroom. I was able to find out an extreme amount of resources and information that assisted in helping me launch my innovation plan for my campus/classroom. Here are the things that I have accomplished so…

Innovation Project Assignment

My innovation project as a whole has been going extremely well. This is something that I want to execute next year and the years to come. I have really enjoyed exploring technology and ePortfolios for the past year. I have gotten a lot better at creating and maintaining my own personal ePortfolio. I have added…

COVA Reflection and Application

COVA is extremely important to me as a teacher. As I have been in my Master’s program for the past 2 years  I have been exercising COVA in my approach when I am working with my kids and also when I am working with my colleagues. I encourage my students to take ownership of their…


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