Call to Action

What is the Story behind my Story?

I want to create an effective method to present my new ideas and concepts to my colleagues. I am passionate about the growth of our campus and district. I am 100% sure Eportfolios can be used a growth tool. I want to present a Professional Learning that is engaging and beneficial to my audience. During my Professional Learning presentation want to focus on collaboration, innovation and technology. I want everyone to feel valued. I myself have been in Professional Learning sessions that were not effective and did not reach me. I am driven to change the narrative. The Professional Learning sessions that interested me the most were the ones that I were physically involved in. I believe in Collaborating and working together, this will be how we will succeed and meet goals and measurements in Education.

The Why?

My Why for developing a Professional learning presentation for Eportfolios, is because I want my inspiration to come to life. I want my colleagues to view and experience my vision through media. Presenting a professional learning presentation will help me grow in my career. It is important to stand out and get outside of our comfort zones. Having to show my colleagues and administrators new ideas that I have for the campus, will be new to me. However, I think it will increase my leadership skills and help me grow.

The What?

For my Professional Learning I will be including several different technology platforms. For example Google Slides and Google Forms. I will also use Apple iMovie from my iPhone.

The How?

I will be using iMovie for my presentation. I will also be using Final Cut Pro. I want my video to be clear and easy to understand. Collaboration is going to be the key component in Professional Learning.

As an alternative, collaborative action research actively involves teachers in professional reflection, validates educators as producers of knowledge, and recognizes their role in professional development and decision making. (Cochran–Smith & Lytle, Inside outside: teacher research and knowledge, Teachers College Press, New York, 1993) 

My Presentation

This was actually my first tim stepping out of my comfort zone and using iMovie. I can say it went pretty well.

Works Cited

Cochran-Smith, M., & Lytle, S. (1999). The teacher research movement: A decade later.
Educational Researcher, 28(7), 15–25.


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