Innovation Plan Update EDLD 5314

What Worked

I am really enjoying the learning process that I have been enduring. Learning more about technology and portfolios will only increase student engagement and bring more innovation to our campus and district. I have also begun becoming accustomed to breaking out of my norms and being uncomfortably uncomfortable. 

What worked for my plan to utilize eportfolios on campus was:




Videos, and Artwork

We have been utilizing Weebly and will begin posting all of our important assignments as blog posts. This will most likely happen in the spring. I teach 9th grade English so I have been trying my best to keep our assignments and project creative and innovative. Eportfolios will definitely add to the wave. Students are really loving sharing and communicating with others on different platforms. We use Google Jamboard, Padlet, Kami and a few other online resources. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but our classes are double blocked so it works.

What I could do better at:

Is managing my time and giving more effort to using every single millisecond. Sometimes I feel as if there is not enough time in a day. I have been waking up earlier and earlier to get things done. But what I could also work harder at is my video presentations. This course forced me to get out of my comfort zone and actually do a voice-over video. To be honest I have never actually heard my voice as a recording and it was a cringe-worthy moment for sure. I used Adobe and I really liked the entire concept. I will definitely be creating more videos for my students. They’re more interactive than PowerPoint and google slides and certainly more entertaining.

I am going to apply:

My learning to my future in education and also to my classroom. Hopefully, one day I will be able to teach my students and other teachers my learnings. This may take longer, but planning and preparation is the key.

My Call to Action Presentation

The video creation process was new for me, but I am honestly glad that I was able to get out of my comfort zone. This course has proved to me that I am innovative and can keep up with technology and its evolution. My call to action is to bring awareness of the benefits of Eportfolios on my high school campus.

Literature Review

Updated Innovation Plan

 Utilizing E-Portfolios for College Readiness

       My overall vision is to use eportfolios in the high school I teach at and possibly other high schools in our district. I have spent a large amount of time researching the benefits of E- portfolios and I am confident that they will positively impact our students. In order to make this plan work there will have to be training, a timeline, an outline, and collaboration. It is time for all campuses to become as innovative as they can be in order to educate our students. Technology is expanding nationwide and campuses are utilizing all aspects of technology.  I can create a more innovative space on our campus by creating E-portfolios with our students. The E-portfolios will help the students learn and take accountability of their education. They will be able to be more reflective, increase their analysis skills and measure their own progress. My campus will be able to follow a more student centered approach. Our students will know exactly where they stand and they will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They will know the areas they need to grow in. This is a skill that they can use in college and in their career fields. E-portfolios will create more effective learners. They will also help teachers assess, plan, And give feedback.Teachers will be able to identify their students’ needs quickly, because of the E portfolio and what it could be used for.


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