Eportfolio Ownership

The ownership of an Eportfolio is something that never really dawned on me. The person who owns the Eportfolio will be the one who truly benefits from its success. I believe the creator who posts the information and content is the owner, but as I have been reading and researching I am finding different ideas. After reading Harapnuik’s article I found it interesting that he says, “In order to make meaningful connections, one has to take ownership of those ideas and concepts in order to construct meaning.’ If one of the main benefits of eportfolios is to make connections, than the owner of the the creator of the content is most likely the owner of the entire Eportfolio.

The only contradiction that I have with my statement above is that while working in a school distrit, everything belongs to the school. Our emails, electronics, files and domains. So if my students are creating Eportfolios with all the school distrcit’s equipment, the work would actually belong to the school district to an extent. However, I do feel like I own my personal Eportfolio, because I use my money to pay for my domain. Speaking of domain I thought the article, ” Do I own my own domain If You Grade It” was extremely informative. In my current Personal. Academic.Career.Readiness course, I have my students creating their a Google Slide Project using Google Slides. We have already began setting up Weebly websites in class, where they have posted a few of their peices of academic writing. I am looking forward to adding these project on their weebly website in the future once they are complete. The kids have enjoyed this project so much and I know this is something they will be able to look back on in the future. I have been enjoying being able to finally use technology a little too much. Admin has been coming to my class to get tips for other teachers. Also my students love being able to access all of their work from their laptops and phones. We have been mostly using Schoology, Zoom and the Google Drive/Classroom/Jamboard.

I want my 9th grade English I students to be able to be successful in their futures and to use technology to their advantage. They are doing that this year and enjoying it so much!


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